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Top 10 China Influencers (KOL) – Beauty and Fashion

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Top 10 China Influencers (KOL) – Beauty and Fashion

With the rise of Weibo, beauty industry influencers called KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) are the latest trend and a booming business!


Sharing make up tips and beauty products through a combination of pictures and videos in China is the best way to promote your product. Similar to beauty makeup bloggers in Europe and the US, many Chinese fashion KOLs have reached millions of followers.


On the biggest social media platforms in China, beauty KOLs play a crucial communicative role that act as a source of information for followers of fashion.


Who are the most influential KOLs of the beauty industry in China? What are the characteristics that define and differentiate them from the others? What are the secrets to their success?


This blog will give you all you need to know about the massive industry of China’s beauty industry KOL marketing.



Table of content (Click to read)


1. Weibo Top 10 Beauty Influencers  Read Now


2. WeChat Top 10 Fashion Influencers Read Now


3. Case study: 黎贝卡的异想世界 (Becky’s Fantasy) Read Now


4. How Beauty Influencers Do it Differently (What Works in China?) Read Now




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Weibo – Top 10 Beauty Influencers (KOL)




China’s beauty KOLs are active on a variety of social media and network platforms with Weibo being its main platform for sharing their recommendations. We bring you our top 10 influential beauty KOLs on Weibo.






安利小能手Lana; 9,610,000 followers


A famous beauty makeup blogger under contract from Chinese media. Along with an Official WeChat account as well, 安利小能手Lana has huge influential power to go with her massive fan base.  Her blog content mainly focuses on sharing tips and recommendations for makeup.


Main Weibo Content: Cosmetics recommendation.




2. Pony_朴惠敏


Pony_朴惠敏, 6,020,000 followers


PONY_朴惠敏, Korean beauty queen and writer for a best selling beauty book in China. Since 2008, the personal beauty makeup blog run by PONY has been characterized by followers as easy-to-use, ultra practical, gorgeous design and super effective, resulting in her booming popularity.


Main Weibo Content: Beauty makeup video (with product recommendation), skin care tips.




3. 美妆师carla


美妆师carla; 4,060,000 followers


Entertainment writer that utilizes fashion beauty makeup we-media. Enjoys sharing make up tips and products.


Main Weibo Content: Cosmetics evaluation and recommendation, skin care tips.




4. 我是种草囤货菌


我是种草囤货菌, 3,730,000 followers


我是种草囤货菌 (I am the Salesman), Weibo famous beauty makeup account fashion icon.


Main Weibo Content: Cosmetics recommendation, skin care tips.




5. 买买菌 (Maimaijun)


买买菌,3,050,000 followers


买买菌(Maimiajun), fashionista microblog under under contract with Chinese media.


Main Weibo Content: Variety of recommendations (clothes, food&snack, cosmetics) mainly for females.




6. 化妆师miuo


化妆师miuo; 2,900,000 followers


Weibo famous beauty makeup blogger from Beijing with a passion for  makeup and fashion products. Always sharing good products on Weibo.


Main Weibo Content: Beauty makeup video (with product recommendations), make up tips, cosmetics recommendations.




7. ai媚儿


ai媚儿, 2,601,000 followers


Internet celebrity, beautiful graduate student, fashion icon and famous beauty makeup blogger from Shanghai. WeChat official account with the same name.


Main Weibo Content: Makeup and skincare products recommendation. 




8. 美少女Lisa酱(Beauty Lisa)


美少女Lisa酱, 2,330,000 followers


美少女Lisa酱(Beauty Lisa), fashionista KOL from Beijing.


Main Weibo content: Testing lipstick colors, cosmetics evaluation (with product recommendation).




9. 小猪姐姐zz


小猪姐姐zz, 1,970,000 followers

小猪姐姐(sister pig), beauty KOL from Zhejiang province.


Main Weibo Content: Beauty makeup and skin care videos, celebrity imitated makeup video.




10. MK凉凉


MK凉凉, 1,710,000 followers


MK凉凉(MK lianglaing), a famous makeup artist and fashionista from Guangdong under contract with Chinese media. Publisher of book  <Living Beautifully>.


Main Weibo Content: Testing lipstick colors, cosmetics evaluation video (with product recommendation).





WeChat Top 10 Fashion Influencers (KOL)



Weibo is the main platform for beauty KOL marketing. However, due to the widespread use of WeChat marketing, beauty KOLs from Weibo also open their own WeChat official account to further their popularity. In addition, WeChat also has its own army of influential fashion accounts that share very valuable content.



Because of the differences in function and privacy, promoting on WeChat is a little different and less diversified. On WeChat, the influential power of KOLs are usually decided by the quality and quantity of the article, where a good article will always lead to higher readings, likes and reposts. Below is the ranking of fashion and beauty WeChat Official accounts in April 2018.



The ranking of fashion WeChat Official Account in April 2018

ps. KCI refers to the microblog’s self-media influence index, which is an important index used to evaluate the influence, communication and user value of microblog’s self-media accounts.



Also, check out the top marketing campaigns in China of April 2018.




Top 1. 新氧(soyoung111)


新氧(soyoung111) is the a medical platform in China with leading skin management, micro-integrated community and a micro-integrated sales platform. It’s an APP with millions of users. It shares some articles about micro-integrated cases on its WeChat official account.



Top 2. 她刊(iiiher)


An online magazine popular for sharing female topics in China.



Top 3. MK凉凉(huazhuangshimk)


The WeChat official account of the beauty makeup blogger. Usually shares articles about cosmetics evaluation and recommendations.





Case study: 黎贝卡的异想世界 (Becky’s Fantasy)


Analyst believe that when fashion KOLs begin to have stable traffic, they begin to think about making a sustainable career by starting a business as a blogger. The problem that needs to be addressed is how to maintain the inventory of users, expand incremental users, and seek a business model that is outside the traditional advertising model that can monetize influence.



Building a personal brand or an e-commerce platform is almost the most direct route for a fashion KOL, but the truth is that building a business as a KOL requires business intelligence.



Becky’s Fantasy is one of the most popular fashion WeChat official accounts. The name is from a British novel—-<Confessions of a Shopaholic>. The initial vision the account has always been a shopping guide for her friends. Becky not only likes shopping but also likes to share goodies. Her motto is that only people who enjoy buying can teach others how to buy.



Becky Li



Becky’s Fantasy launched Becky’s Official Mini Program, making her the first fashion blogger with a personal brand. In the New Year on January 2016, sales of the mini program exceeded 1 million in just 59 seconds, creating a new record of innovation. Fashion news reported that the store’s first recorded trade volume broke through one million in only seven minutes.




Becky’s official WeChat account



According to informed sources, Becky Li’s annual revenue reached 55 million in 2017 making her the top three fashion bloggers including gogoboi and Freshboy.



Sources of income can come in many forms for China’s fashion KOLs. Revenue from social media, paid advertising, activities and electrical business income can generate a massive pay check.





 5 Ways Beauty Influencers Do it Differently (What Works in China?)




1. Intuitive Video Displays


Video has the characteristics of visualization, which utlizes multiple senses of users and produce a direct stimulation effect.


In general, beauty makeup classes on Weibo target young women. Beauty makeup bloggers elaborate on their topics, with themes such as festival themes, daily make up looks and newly discovered  makeup tips to capture the Chinese audience.


Through pre-planning, shooting videos, and careful editing, video style corresponds to the preference of young women who love being beautiful. Recently, three dimensional display technology to further attract followers.


Makeup videos to imitate celebrities have recently become very popular. KOLs uploaded videos to teach you how to become your favourite idols through make up techniques.




2. Live broadcasts


Live broadcasts is undoubtedly the most popular form of promotion for fashion KOLs.


These videos feature live make up sessions, namely the “making up while chatting” and “lack of special editing” themes. Compared to regular videos, live video makeup sessions are highly interactive where the blogger can continuously convey its thoughts and opinions to followers and casual observers.


Similar to a live interaction, fans are free to ask questions and have the joy of having their questions answered instantaneously. The genius of from this is allowing the fans access to the KOLs daily life by watching the live broadcast and experiencing their interesting personality and charm first had. As a result, this gradually forms an impression and a long term trust between KOL and fan.


A KOL’s live video of – Three minutes of makeup challenge.



(Click here to see the live video)



3. Creating an Intimate Community


“Community Relationship” is very important for Chinese social media users to develop trust with its influencers. Long-term attention to the dynamic of the KOL gradually develops as understanding deepens. Chinese beauty KOLs put immense effort into creating a “community” atmosphere, with some going further to actually meeting their followers in person.


Raffle prizes are one of the most popular ways that KOLs use to attract attention from their fans.





4. Delivering Rich “Professional Knowledge.”


Chinese people’s consumption habits have been greatly effected by social media. Before making any decision, the first step is to go on platforms such as Zhihu or Baidu to seek information, ask relevant questions, and consult appropriate opinion leaders.


The traditional 30-second advertisement does not work in China anymore, as young consumers yearn to gain a deeper understanding of a product in a shorter amount of time, and the mode of dissemination and promotion of fashion KOL’s is more easily accepted by current audiences in China.


KOLs do make the majority of their money from advertisements. Fashion KOLs use “professional knowledge” to make for a good advertising effect and build an image for brands.


Fashion KOLs use a variety of ways, including makeup videos, product recommendations, professional evaluations to hide an advertising nature and convey “professional knowledge.” Through positive evaluations, use of emotions, and visual effects, Chinese women who pursue beauty are persuaded to take consumer action.

Some KOLs usually share some knowledge with product recommendations. eg. What kind of sunscreen is good in the Summer?




5. Highlighting Individuality


How do KOL’s stand out? JessLaoban, a fashion KOL, is different from the mainstream aesthetic in China. She is a blogger with darker skin, and her makeup style is of the cool and colorful style of Europe and America. Her products are popular amongst fans with black and yellow skin.


South Korean beauty makeup blogger Pony, known for her exquisite makeup skills, has been broadcasted live in the United States and China and has more than 30 million fans now. Almost every one of her broadcast receives tens of thousands of netizens liking and commenting. In addition to daily makeup, she entertains her audience by giving demonstrations on how to use make up to look more like a specific celebrity. With an entertaining style, the video highlights the distinctive professionalism and deep foundation of the KOL.


Pony’s videos are full of her own individual characteristics, reflecting a high degree of identification.



Fashion KOL JessLaoban is good at sharing tips on how to save money through online shopping. Taobao mainly deals with women’s cosmetics, including slightly defective products, cosmetics, and niche products. Companies seek JessLaoban’s help by having her develop a strong argument for online shopping in several of her videos, helping her clients boost sales and see the comapnies Taobao store popularity soar, becoming a top selling Taobao store in China.



A Beautiful Conclusion


The emergence of WeChat and Weibo in China subverts traditional communication patterns where everyone has a public voice and has the opportunity to express their views. Fashion and beauty KOLs are not merely representatives of brands, but makes high class fashion more approachable to the common folk. This helps people live a new lifestyle where people begin to understand high fashion. Weibo’s effect is most apparent where high class beauty and fashion KOL marketing has now become the main force of brand marketing and product promotion in China.



Dragon Social understands that it can be very difficult to find the perfect KOL. When moving into a new market it takes a lot of time to begin to find out about the digital marketing landscape, let alone begin to research different KOLs.



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