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Top 5 China Tech Influencers (From KOL to CEO!)

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Top 5 China Tech Influencers (From KOL to CEO!)

The technology industry in China is blooming with the support from the government. As a result, it is not surprising the number of China Tech KOL or influencers are rising by the minute. Certain districts, such as Shenzhen and Nanjing, are becoming the perfect cities for both established tech giants and IT startups to flourish.



Key-Opinion-Leaders (KOL): A powerful tool for companies to increase their products’ exposure and build up the brand image.



China tech KOL mainly focus on sharing thoughts about different trending products available in the market and their related knowledge about the industry. In addition, we are seeing more and more top KOLs becoming CEOs of their own successful startup companies.



Want to enter the country with your tech innovations? The Dragon Social team has summed up a list of successful technology KOLs in China for you!


Table of content



1. Weibo Top 5 Tech Influencers Read Now



2. Zhihu Top 3 Tech Influencers Read Now



3. Case Studies: How KOL became CEO! Read Now





Weibo – Top 5 Tech Influencers (KOL)



Weibo is one of the major social media platforms in China. It is similar to Twitter, however, varies in other ways, such as marketing methods.


The micro-blogging function encourages user generated content and ensures the build up of the KOLs diverse characteristics for the long run. Weibo users tend to trust those who continue to show his or her distinct personality on the platform. Due to this unique feature, KOLs are more powerful on Weibo.




1. 科技美学


Chins KOL, china tech KOL, China KOl marketing, technology


With over 823,000 followers on Weibo, 科技美学 is extremely influential in the field. His reliable and up-to-date technical knowledge attract a strong group of followers on the platform.


科技美学 often forecast the future trends in technology markets and potential improvements to be made to products. He engages the fans in the discussions about various technology-related topics, providing a portal for them to exchange thoughts.


Main focus: Provides information about various technology product release conferences, raise topics for followers to discuss, and gather opinion regarding different electronic gadgets


Trait: Organised content + integrated summary of the features of various product + bring consumer opinions together




2. 大米评测


China KOL, China KOL marekting, China tech KOL, technology


Holding over 757,000 fans on Weibo, he is influential to the friend circle of technology. For instance, his content in one day can receive over 1,000,000 views, with about 18,000 interaction with fans.


大米评测, as his account name suggests in Chinese, means to provide objective and real evaluations from a perspective of a regular user. As an individual, this KOL is very much welcomed with his friendly image and sound reputation.


Main focus: Shares personal experience in using different phone models, analyze current trends in the electronic gadgets market and introduce various new technology products


Trait: Constant interactions with fans + trust-worthy image + close to life product analysis




3. 戈蓝V


China KOL, China KOL marketing, China tech KOL, technology


With over 527,000 followers, he is also a powerful technology KOL on Weibo. His content in a day also receives over 1,000,000 views. Nevertheless, has fewer interactions with fans comparing to 大米评测.


戈蓝V has a relatively higher rate of posting content, which sometimes can up to 28 blogs a day. He is informative and professional, with a wider and integrated content scope. He updates news about technology market trends and new products to followers too.


Main focus: Analyzes possible future developments of IT services and provides information on diverse technology products, including but not limited to phone models, AI, and computers


Trait: Rich content + covers different technology fields + constant update




4. 差评君


China KOL, China KOL marketing, China tech KOL, technology


Although he holds over 415,000 fans on Weibo, 差评君 is actually ranking number 1 on WeChat with his official subscription account. Nevertheless, he still manages to gather a faithful group of followers.


His account name in Chinese literally means criticising different products, suggesting the nature of this KOL to be sharp and picky. 差评君 regularly writes long articles about the latest technology products. Followers can understand his insights and benefits from the detailed and professional analysis.


Main focus: Posts articles to review various technology products and provides reliable information


Trait: Expert in the field + rich knowledge in several technology fields + interactive & funny image




5. 小白MTX


China KOL, China KOL marketing, China tech KOL, technology


He has over 320,000 followers on Weibo, in which his content also get around the average of 1,000,000 views. He is more interactive with fans and also maintains a stable update rate of the posts. This KOL has also set up a team, 小白测评 to evaluate different tech products, similar to 大米评测.


小白MTX actively participates in those technology conferences. He provides instant updates, pictures, and information about the released new product. He answers questions from the fans and recommends technology purchases to them as well.


Main focus: Compare the pros & cons of technology products, provides information about new market trends


Trait: Active participation in technology events + constant suggestions regarding tech products choices



Want to contact these KOLs? Find the Dragon Social team for the professional China marketing services!






Zhihu – Top 3 Tech Influencers (KOL)


Zhihu is China’s Quora, where people ask and answer questions. As the expertise of these KOLs is technology, users tend to consider their answers to be more reliable. Therefore, if you promote in China, technology KOL can facilitate in building trust among Chinese customers through Zhihu.


Here are some hit influencers on Zhihu that receive most likes in technology-related questions:




1. ifanr (爱范儿)


On Zhihu, ifanr has over 91,217 followers. As a young technology company, ifanr connects products and consumers with an interesting approach. They have their own website and other subsidiary brands.


This account actively answers various questions regarding the technology field. For example, whether the new Nokia phone model worth the money and how Android and Apple varies from each other.


The answers from ifanr often receive many likes and support, at the same time, ranking as the top response. This proves the strong influence a Zhihu tech KOL can bring to the users. The information on the platform affects consumer confidence when they purchase technology products.




2. Luckystar (幸运星)


With 139,560 followers, he is an individual that answers technology-related questions frequently. Luckystar is currently working in the IT industry, which the relevant and professional background adds more power in convincing readers.


Luckystar has answered over 400 questions on Zhihu. Most of them are related to technology products, such as what kind of tablet is more suitable for female users. His answers generally have a high ranking, influencing the purchase choices of the followers, which are also the consumers.




3. Qdaily (好奇心日报)


Qdaily has 49,587 followers on Zhihu, selecting valuable information for the readers. He constantly updates and interacts with fans, maintaining a young and lively image online.


Qdaily previous answers include the effects of Tesla’s expansion strategies, how to rate the features of Android P, the future development of Apple, etc.






Case Studies: How KOL became CEO!



1. 罗永浩 (Mr. Luo) – Smartisan


Smartisan is one of the most successful cases that a technology KOL transform to CEO. Founded in 2012, Smartisan has over 600 employees in the team. It introduced a series of original smartphone models to the market, from Smartisan T1 to Nut R1 and TNT, raised hit discussions in the Chinese online community.


China KOL, China tech KOL, China KOL marketing, technology


Mr. Luo has over 14,000,000 followers on Weibo. His distinct characteristics often draw the public attention and cause various trends. At the same time, many people are attracted to his personality and recognize him as a straightforward and interesting inventer.


Take his latest product release conference held at Beijing National Stadium (also known as the Bird’s Nest, where 2008 Olympic Games opening was) as an example. His wording was quite exaggerated and funny, causing the phrase “理解万岁” (“Hail to understanding”) becoming a hot topic on Weibo. Although the product quality itself is controversial, Mr. Luo undoubtedly succeeds in pushing Smartisan to a brand-new peak in China. Online discussions have brought huge exposure to the company’s latest phone models.


In China, most KOL has accounts on multiple platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, and Zhihu. Understanding how KOL can bring huge influence in almost everywhere, Mr. Luo makes use of the identity well. In 2012, Mr. Luo posted a blog on Weibo about setting up his own technology company. He started building the customer base at the early stage of business already. With continuous innovation, he expanded Smartisan in China and utilized his power of being KOL with the company development.




2. 王自如 (Shawn Wang) – ZEALER


ZEALER is one of the most influential platforms in China that produces high-quality videos about technology, IT services, and smart homes. The founder & CEO, Mr. Wang, is also a technology KOL himself.


China KOL, China KOL marketing, China tech KOL, technology


Founded in 2012, ZEALER had over 1 billion views of its videos in total in 2017, distributed in over 40 different channels. On ZEALER website, the views of the videos exceed 500 million views, that is, 20% of China’s original tech video industry. Mr. Wang had led the team to a successful branch in the industry: Analysis of various technology.


In this particular branch, Mr. Wang is well aware of how KOL can bring a huge difference to his business. So way before 2012, Mr. Wang has already set up a Weibo account as 王自如ZEALER in 2010. His active participation in posting content and producing technology videos attracted over 1,000,000 followers. Not only his content has a high number of views, but the interaction with fans also surpassed other tech KOL with a data of 27,000. He is known as the number 1 Intellectual Property (IP) in the China technology industry, inducing value to his own brand, ZEALER.


china KOL, China tech kol, China KOL marketing, technology

Shawn Wang’s Weibo account.


Today, ZEALER is a powerful platform, covering diverse technology topics. It partners with prominent firms such as Apple, Tencent, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, etc. Mr. Want continues in maintaining the Weibo account to be active and rich in information, showing parallel developments with his business.




Conclusion on China’s Tech KOL


China is an important technology market and China tech KOL, therefore, become crucial in gaining trust. Technology products can be promoted and advertised by KOL. Nevertheless, KOL marketing is complex. Without a China marketing agency, it is difficult for foreign companies to enter the country. If you have any questions regarding KOL marketing, welcome to contact our Dragon Social team for our professional services!



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