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The Most Innovative H5 WeChat Campaigns

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The Most Innovative H5 WeChat campaigns

The Most Innovative H5 WeChat Campaigns

H5 WeChat campaigns are a great way to generate organic traffic to your WeChat page, as well as your website. However, they can also be very difficult to navigate and understand. Often called the Chinese Facebook, WeChat has a range of features including H5 that make it so much more! In this post, we explore some of the best H5 WeChat campaigns and what made them so successful!


What is H5?



H5 is an interactive platform that allows WeChat users to create interactive campaigns. This can include games, invites, animations, mobile shaking triggers and many other interactive platforms.



H5 WeChat campaign



The features of WeChat H5 demonstrate how effective this can be for WeChat marketing. Rich animations allow you to create a broad range of different styles. This includes animation paths, sequential animations, animation groups, and time setup.



Flexible triggers allow users to access content conditional display upon user inputs. This is a great way to generate new leads, as well as a great way to give you access to a range of different customers information.



H5 campaigns also give you the option of using social integration. This means that users can generate their own DIY content, thus making the campaign more powerful and engaging.



H5 also allows you to track the data of people viewing your campaign. This data is based on conditional logic. Data can be collected from a variety of different areas such as interactive forums, comments and votes, to name just a few.





Innovative H5 WeChat campaigns



1. Durex



The Durex China campaign started off creative, but their use of WeChat H5 pushed it over the edge. The main aim of the campaign was to provide the Chinese consumer market with information about safe sex, as well as about their brand and new products.



As sex is still a taboo topic in China, Durex provided a safe and confidential platform for users to discuss safe sex as well as the new products provided. They achieved this through a ChatBot on WeChat.



H5 WeChat Marketing Durex



The ChatBot was a cheeky and creative way for Chinese consumers to engage in safe sex talk. If you typed the word “position” to it it would send you an article. Not only was this completely private but it allowed Durex to plug their own products privately.



One of the most successful elements of the campaign was the database. Not only did this provide different sites to find information, but it showed anonymous statistics and figures from all around China. This was based on information they had gathered from the H5 data.



Durex also had relationship experts available to talk to on the ChatBot. This was a big hit as it was a completely anonymous way for people to ask questions and increase their education. At the end of the week, Durex would post their favorite Q&A on their platforms.



H5 WeChat campaign




The results of this campaign went beyond engaging customers, such as the different quizzes and personality surveys. Durex provided additional educational value which in turn made them unique in the Chinese market.



Through an H5 WeChat platform, Durex was able to grow their followers to 670k+ and reach 100k+ per article.



2. WeChat Pay



Despite the fact that WeChat is the largest social media app when they launched WeChat pay they were in direct competition with Alipay. Alipay is an app run by Alibaba and was considered the most popular pay app.



When they launched WePay, the company decided to take advantage of the in built platform and connected a campaign to their own in app purchasing ability. This campaign was popular and paved the way for successful integration into the market.



Users were able to receive a description of their life based on the kind of food they bought using WePay. It would also tell you how much money you had spent on food that week, so it functioned both as an enjoyment campaign but demonstrated how WeChat pay can keep your finances in check.


WeChat H5 marketing wechat pay



The campaign created an image of the food you were eating, as well as using illustrations of different restaurants the user had eaten at. The campaign also tracked users cities and kept up with the different foods they liked.



The highlight of the campaign, however, was the vouchers and savings generated. After admiring the personalized page, users were then given vouchers and were told how much they had saved by using WeChat pay.



The app encouraged people to pay for a treat through WeChat pay, thus ensuring that they would keep using the app.



The key aim of this campaign was to introduce WeChat as the first app that integrated both socializing and spending. While Alipay had been the first mobile online transaction app, WeChat pay was the first one to show how the service could be mixed with different social media.



Using H5, WeChat pay were able to create a strong emotional bond with consumers. They converted big data into a real life situation, a situation that everyone has a connection to. Equally, food is a daily occurrence, which everyone can relate to.



H5 WeChat campaign



The link between personal data and WeChat pay created a very intimate and successful campaign that hooked users into the app through individual experiences.



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3. Olay



Health and beauty are one of the largest markets in China. With an ageing population, skin care giants Olay have done incredibly well in this market. However, even they understand the importance of creating innovative campaigns.



In 2015, Olay launched a campaign which involved an H5 platform on WeChat and a Chinese opinion leader.



WeChat h5 campaigns



Famous actor Li Dongxue was the star of the very successful campaign. A picture of him would appear on the screen, and users would put their cheek against his on the screen.



Olay would then provide the user with a cuteness score. They then had the opportunity to share their results with other users, and have the chance to win WeChat red envelopes.



This interactive campaign was successful for several reasons.



Firstly, it was personal. Each user was given a different score which meant that users shared the campaign with their friends. This generated organic exposure for the product.



Secondly, the use of a Chinese opinion leader meant that users were already drawn to the campaign. However, the creation of a connection between Li Dongxue and the user meant that the campaign flourished.



4. Forbidden City and Tencent



The Forbidden City campaign is probably one of the most innovative campaigns out there. The campaign went viral just a few hours after the launch, and eventually, the emoji mentioned in the campaign had 800 million downloads in just two days!



Forbidden City joined forces with Next Idea in order to promote the creativity competition.



H5 wechat campaign



The campaign involved the animation of the different aspect of the very famous and very ancient painting of Zhu Yuanshang. The Emperor takes users through several features of WeChat including the moments feature, short videos and different QQ emojis. The interface then takes users to the Next Idea website with a clear call to action.



wechat h5 campaigns Dragon Social



There are so many reasons why this is an incredible campaign, but I think the main one is how creative it is. It combined a very recognizable image, as well as history with animation and modern technology.



wechat marketing h5 campaigns



The audience was clear, they wanted to attract young artsy people who could come up with the next big idea. Since it involved so many creative elements, such as music and dancing, it attracted a broad range of people.



H5 WeChat campaign



Another reason that this campaign was so successful is that it has a clear structure. So many H5 campaigns lack clarity because companies are trying to do too much with the interface. By making it simple and clear, Forbidden City gave users a seamless and smooth experience.



5. Sound of a city by Zhinuo



Zhinuo is a Chinese electric car brand which launched an H5 campaign to promote how quite their cars are.



This was a great campaign because it was personal to each city, and it related directly to users experiences of the city.



Users heard a sound and they had to guess what city the sound represented. For instance, the game would play a party at the Peking opera to represent Beijing. The sound of a group of people playing Manjong represented Chengdu.



This campaign was successful for several reasons. The quiz was incredibly creative, so users were drawn to the unique element of the game.



H5 WeChat campaign



The quiz was also more personal than other games. People wanted to play so they could see what sound their city was, or to hear sounds of places they had never been to. It connected with users on a level that other H5 platform games did not.



The game was also not heavily branded. Companies have a tendency to put their name all over H5 games because they think that this is how to gain leads from the games or encourage people onto their site.



In reality, heavy branding drives customers away, as they can see through the purpose of the game. Sound of a city worked because there was little branding, and users had a great visual experience.



A great thing we can take away from this campaign is that shows how user experience affects peoples perception of your brand. If your H5 game is not user-friendly, or the branding is too heavy then customers will react negatively to it.



Key Points To Take Away



H5 WeChat campaign



1. Customers prefer H5 campaigns that are personal! The point of these campaigns is to get users to share them and thus create organic leads and traffic for your product. H5 campaigns that provide users with a personal final product do much better than other campaigns.



2. The more creative the campaign the better!  Creativity is essential for a successful H5 campaign. Instead of a boring advertisement, a creative and interactive campaign will prove much more effective.



3. Good user experience is essential to a successful campaign. If users are bombarded with your brand or the campaign is too crowded and fussy, then there will no organic traffic to your page. A simple and easy to understand concept will be much more effective.



How Can I Create A Successful WeChat H5 campaign?



So, it’s obvious that creating a successful H5 campaign is key to entering the Chinese market, but how can you create one? Here at Dragon social, we know exactly what engages Chinese audiences, so you don’t have to do the hard work! For more information visit our services page to find out what we can do for you!



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