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Useful Tips for Short Video Clips in China (TRENDING!)

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Useful Tips for Short Video Clips in China (TRENDING!)


Short video clips are powerful tools you can use right now for your business in China!



With the rise of different social media platforms, there are changing roles of the internet user. The general public is becoming the content creator, but not only message receivers. Short video clips are so popular and replacing the traditional media and have become powerful marketing tools in China.



Among the keen competition, the performance of short video clips in Mainland China in 2017 was brilliant, and it is expected to continue its growth in 2018. There were more than 550 million users in the past year, given that there are still rooms for improvement.



Millions of Fashion and Beauty influencers use short video clips to build their business! Check them out here:


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So, what are short video clips and why was it so successful in Mainland China?




Features of Short Video Clips in China




Within Five Minutes


To attract more viewers, the length of the video is extremely short, from one to five minutes. Although citizens are very busy and might not be able to spend a long time watching television, there are always a few minutes to spare in between tasks. Therefore, short video clips suit the citizens needs perfectly.


With a shorter time frame, the content of the video focuses more on one idea. The theme is easier to spread to the general public.




Three Types of Production


Short video clips in Mainland China are mainly produced by 3 types of creators. Since the entrance requirements for the market is very low, the creators can be simply internet users to organizations.



1. User Generated Content (UGC)


This type of short video clips is produced by the general users or anyone who is using the internet. The content and filming technique is not professional, however, the creativity of content can be very high. They can compete with other types videos through the innovation. On the other hand, there is a variable of quality as every user can upload their own videos.


China short videos, China KOL

China’s short video clips are produced by thousands of users.




2. Professional User Generated Content (PUGC)


This type of short video clips is produced by professional users, internet celebrities who have a certain number of fans or KOL who have a leading position in a specific market. Although the production cost is low, this type of videos has high business value due to the popularity of the producers.


China KOLs, China marketing, China short video clips

China KOL’s have a huge influence on the market.




3. Partner Generated Content (PGC)


This type of video clips is produced by professional organizations, which normally have their own Chinese social media platform. It is the most professional one among the 3 types of video, however, it has a high production cost. This required professional content and filming and editing technique. 


China KOLs, China marketing, China short video clips

Partnerships in producing short video clips’ content is essential.




Trends for short video clips



To maintain competitiveness in the market, the following are points you should be aware of:



#1 Cooperation with AI


The variable quality of the short video clips has been a problem in Mainland China. To screen out the low-quality videos, there is more cooperation with AI. In 2017 November, Qihoo 360 introduced a new search engine, Quick video discovery, to help the users sort videos. Quick video discovery detects the emotion and interest of the users through calculation. The technology would measure how many times the user clicks and watches the videos, whether the user has fast-forwarded, stopped or replayed it. This will also detect the users’ interest through the browsing history. This technology is the first step for AI towards the detection of emotion.




#2 Characteristic of Videos for Internet Celebrity


The business value of the professional users generated content heavily relies on the popularity of the account users. It is very important to attract more fans and regular viewers, especially loyal fans. Hence, account users need to have its own characteristic to be in its own unique market positioning. It is somewhat similar to the packaging of celebrities where popularity is their asset.


China KOLs, China marketing, China short video clip

Celebrity like Angelababy has huge influence online via short videos.



#3 Multi-Channel Network (MCN)


A multi-channel network is an organization that works with video platforms and offer assistance to the channel owner in exchange for a percentage of the revenue.  The scale of Multi-Channel-network is expected to continue growing as the multiple channels are very important for content creators to publish their work. MCN will become the bridge between different platforms and internet celebrities.



Expanding market scales for short video clips market


Short video clips are taking a more dominant role in the Chinese social media market and its business value is very high. To be successful in the Chinese market, it’s essential to know about this to survive in the keen competition. No one said it was easy but having a professional China social media agency like Dragon Social take care of that for you makes it a lot better. Contact us or read more about marketing in China below!


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