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The Most Important Chinese Luxury Travel Trends 2017

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Chinese luxury travellers trend 2017

The Most Important Chinese Luxury Travel Trends 2017

In recent years the Chinese luxury travel market has become one of the biggest in the world. Many hotels and online service battle it out daily to become the go to for Chinese luxury travellers.


The Chinese outbound tourism market is certainly incredibly lucrative. According to recent reports, luxury travellers are willing to pay 3,000 RMB per night in hotels, and this is only the average. Most luxury travellers will fly business and first class.


Chinese Luxury travellers


Understanding how the Chinese luxury travel market works and want Chinese luxury travellers desire will be an incredibly profitable for your company. Chinese luxury travellers are one of the fastest growing markets.


In this article, we will discuss the tips and tricks of the trade from trends this year in 2017 and how you can capitalize on them to make your business more profitable.


Chinese Luxury Traveller Trends 2017-


1. Travellers prefer adventure tourism, but don’t discount beach holidays-


Chinese luxury travellers prefer adventure holidays over all other types of holiday. This may seem like an alien concept because most markets tend to prefer relaxing holidays or holidays where they don’t have to do much.


In China, however, there is a focus on holidays where they can experience new cultures and sightsee. Around the world trips, polar exploration and outdoor adventures are all high on the list of desires off all Chinese travellers, not just the luxury travellers.


In terms of luxury travellers, while they do want adventure they want to do it in comfort and style. 2017 has seen a big increase in travellers from the older demographic looking at polar exploration and Africa. These markets rose from 23% and 17% to 36% and 32% respectively.


However, this does not mean beach holidays and relaxing holidays should give up hope. We all know that most people take a holiday to relax and this is no different when it comes to Chinese luxury travellers.


While adventure holidays are on the rise so are beach holidays. The rise of social media has meant that Chinese luxury travellers want to go to places that they can put on their social media pages.


Chinese luxury travellers adventure holidays


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2. Seasons significantly influence travellers choice of destination-


This may seem like a really basic concept, but it is incredibly important when it comes to understanding Chinese luxury travellers. Seasons affect all travel groups, but it is important to understand when it the best time to optimise your social media in order to catch Chinese luxury travellers.


Most luxury travellers have a higher preference for island hopping in the summer and autumn months. These places include Phuket, the Maldives and Fiji, as well as Sanya.



In the winter months Phuket is popular again, but other destinations that Chinese luxury travellers go to include Australia. Many who want to pursue winter activities head to Japan, Canada, and Switzerland.


A great tip for understanding Chinese luxury travellers is to understand when the best time to market your hotel or service is. Do some research into Chinese holidays and figure out when Chinese luxury travellers will be looking at your product.


3. Islands with beaches were the dark horse of 2017 travel-


While we have already discussed how adventure holidays had the biggest growth this year, leisure holidays were still the biggest market holding around 40% of all the market share.


Chinese luxury travellers want island holidays


However, a new option in this years study suggested that islands with beaches that were part of a self-service package were becoming increasingly popular. Many Chinese luxury travellers want to be able to customise and adapt their holidays and cruises and self-driving holidays are a great way of doing this.


This is great for new companies who want to move into China but do not have an all inclusive option. In the next few years, younger Chinese luxury travellers will be looking at companies who can provide them with flexible options and flexible holiday choices.


4. Europe and Southeast Asia are the outbound destination of choice-


Chinese luxury travellers prefer Europe and Southeast Asia


Europe and Southeast Asia are the most popular destinations for Chinese luxury travellers. Popularity for the two destinations accounts for 45% and 44% of the market share respectively.


Southeast Asia has officially taken over the Americas in terms of popularity. There has been a 34% increase in millennial travellers, and it has jumped up from fourth place to first place this year in this demographic.


According to reports, Chinese luxury travellers have gone abroad at least times per year, one of which was to a destination in Europe or Southeast Asia.


The reason these two destinations are so popular with Chinese luxury travellers is due to the rich culture. Many Chinese luxury travellers want to experience a culture and experience a different way of life from their own, thus making these destinations very popular.


5. The hotel market is changing rapidly-


Hotels are one of the best ways to engage Chinese luxury travellers, and this year there have been lots of changes to the market.


Chinese luxury travellers want comfort


    • For starters, luxury hotels are still the number one choice for Chinese luxury travellers. Brands like the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons are still the most popular. However, boutique luxury hotels are also becoming very popular amongst the younger generations.


    • All inclusive resorts are also very popular amongst Chinese luxury travellers, especially those who are travelling with a family or want to occupy young children.


    • Most Chinese luxury travellers are willing to pay the top price for hotels. While this may seem like an obvious point, in some domestic markets, luxury travellers may want to feel like they got a bargain. This, however, is not the case for Chinese luxury travellers.


    • When it comes to business trips, hotels that can offer private dining space are more popular than ones that just have large banquet halls.


    • Finally, while accommodation sharing is still in its early stages of development in China, they are growing. Platforms like Airbnb hold a small percentage of the market, but they still have a significant presence.



6. Luxury travellers expect a high level of comfort when they travel-


This is a super obvious point but it is worth remembering that this includes all types of travel. If you are a hotel and you offer day trips or amenities then they must be up to the high standard that Chinese luxury travellers are used too.


Equally, this is also true for staff. Many Chinese luxury travellers expect staff to be friendly and approachable. They want to know that they are getting a good service, if not the best service that money can buy.


This also applies to airlines and airport services. Chinese luxury travellers want comfort from start to finish, which means they place a high premium on how they get to and from their destination.


Chinese luxury travellers want comfort



7. Customized travel plans are becoming a big part of Chinese luxury travellers-


If you take one thing away from this article it should be this, the best way to corner the Chinese luxury traveller market is through customization. If people are paying the big bucks then they want to know that you will be able to cater for their every need.


When it comes to customizing travel this could mean anything. If you are a hotel it could mean making sure the room has certain amenities that they would like or food and beverages that they are used to.


Chinese luxury travellers prefer customised travel plans


If you are travel agent then this could mean making sure that you are providing customers with personalised travel plans that include pick up and day trips.


Being able to provide a unique service will inevitably get you further than anything else with Chinese luxury travellers. Even if you aren’t the biggest name in the business, being able to provide a completely individual and customized experience will be a far greater advantage.


8. Travel retail and shopping-


Everyone likes to do a bit of shopping on holiday. Purchasing trinkets for family members or gifts for yourself are part of the enjoyment of being on the holiday. For Chinese luxury travellers, however, this is a big part of the experience and trip.


While on holiday, most Chinese luxury travellers want to purchase cosmetics, both local and international, as well as jewellery and clothes. Most of these purchase categories are made of women.


Chinese luxury travellers want shopping


A great way to appeal to Chinese luxury travellers is to showcase the shopping in your area. If you are able to demonstrate how retail is closely connected to your own product, then you will have no trouble in courting Chinese luxury travellers.


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Marketing to Chinese luxury travellers-


Understanding Chinese luxury travellers can be a daunting task. While it may seem like a puzzle on the outside, when it comes down to it, Chinese luxury travellers are very similar to most luxury travellers.


Marketing to Chinese luxury travellers, however, can be an even harder task. Since social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are banned in China, companies who are just entering the market may find it difficult to understand these platforms.


Here at Dragon Social, we pride ourselves on understanding the Chinese luxury travellers market. We can provide customized marketing plans that will help you corner the Chinese luxury travellers market.

Imogen Ursell
Imogen Ursell

Imogen is currently working at Dragon Social as the digital marketing content liaison. She has written previously for The Tab and Babe. She enjoys playing hockey, going out with friends and hiking.

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