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Why WeChat Is The Best App To Help You Sell Real Estate In China

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Use WeChat to Sell Real Estate In China

Why WeChat Is The Best App To Help You Sell Real Estate In China

Most people who are looking to sell real estate in China know that they will need social media to do it. But, where most new businesses stumble, is the fact that they do not understand the platforms in China. Most simply think that WeChat is the Chinese Facebook


WeChat can be a tricky platform to navigate. For many companies moving into China, this could be their first time interacting with the app.


Real estate is one of the most lucrative markets and many companies want to tap into Chinese investors. In previous blog posts, we have explored different ways to attract Chinese investors and how to successfully market to Chines consumers.


how to sell real estate in China using WeChat


So how do WeChat and real estate link? We all know that in this market we need to have an online presence. Not having a twitter or facebook page is a disaster for any company, and most companies are beginning to understand the benefits of having an Instagram or snapchat account.


WeChat runs in the same in the same vein of these social media sites. While you should obviously not just use WeChat for social media in China, it is probably the best one for real estate.


When you move into China and start to sell real estate WeChat should be the first thing you research and the first thing that you understand.


In this post, we will be discussing how WeChat marketing for real estate is different from platforms that you may be used to. It has a completely different structure and campaigns that may work in your domestic market may not work in China.

So How Does WeChat Differ?


There are lots of ways that WeChat differs from traditional social media real estate platforms. I will go into detail later, but for now, let’s discuss WeChat.


sell real estate in China using WeChat

About WeChat and Chinese Digital Marketing-


Chinese digital marketing can be a very tricky subject to navigate. On the one hand, you have the fact that platforms are often completely different to what many are used to. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook are banned in China, so many companies are initially stumbled by this.


There is also the factor of the number of apps, and the ever-changing faces of social media. Chinese social media often work in a similar pattern to each other, but there are a few big names that you need to know about.


WeChat and Weibo are the big contenders that you need to have a working knowledge of before you even start to form a digital marketing plan.


WeChat will be the primary focus of this post, you can read our another post if you want to know more about Weibo marketing.


why wechat is the best way to sell real estate


WeChat has been compared to Whatsapp, but it is much more than that. It has several messaging features which WeChat doesn’t,  as well as an online pay app feature, and live streaming capacities. Essentially it is a one stop shop for consumers who want to connect with people.


So How Do They Differ-


There are a couple of ways that WeChat differs from other platforms. While there are many ways that WeChat differs from traditional real estate platforms, there are some more obvious differences, that you need to take into account.


1. The Obvious Difference-


The obvious difference between WeChat and other traditional real estate selling platforms is that it is not primarily a website/app that sells real estate.


While there are specific websites that sell real estate, WeChat is the best way to access new markets and clients, as well as to form good public relations.


People who are moving into China often assume that while the platforms are different, they assume that people act in the same way. This is often not the case.


how WeChat can help you sell real estate in China


When looking at WeChat, you should understand that it should not be your primary focus. There is no point only using WeChat to market your brand as this would severely limit you when entering into China.

2. Direct Communication-


It goes without saying that you should be researching any new app or platform that you decide to market on. However, a lot of people tend to only do surface research. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don’t understand the full functions of WeChat and what it can do for your business.


Most real estate marketing websites are completely impersonal. Maybe you post a listing of a new house, or you can convert clients, but you rarely get an opportunity to talk all those who are interacting with your companies profile.


WeChat is primarily a personal messaging app, but it is so much more than that. WeChat allows those who are following company profiles to communicate directly with companies.



How communication on wechat can help you sell real estate in China



Not only does this give you a unique opportunity to access different customers, it means you can create personal contact with potential customers! Long before you may even have a sit down with a client you will be able to communicate directly with those who view your website.


3. Understand the Chinese Consumer-


Many people assume that Chinese consumers will act in the same way that people in their domestic market would act online, and this is often not the case.


How to attract Chinese consumers using WeChat to sell real estate


Chinese consumers tend to do a lot more research than other consumers. For instance, when looking for a product, extensive research will take place, which can include descriptions of the product as well as customer reviews.


When selling real estate this becomes even more important. We all know that consumers do research before buying a property, but Chinese consumers are extra cautious.


A good tactic for marketing real estate on your WeChat is to provide information about your company and the kind of properties that you sell. It is also a great platform to communicate with people who may have questions or queries about your firm.


Finally, be aware of what works and what doesn’t. Research your competitors to understand what campaigns worked best for them, You may also want to look at how they communicate with their customers and mimic their tone.


4. How to attract Chinese Consumers-


Chinese consumers differ massively from other consumers and when it comes to large investments such as real estate you should not under estimate this.


Attracting Chinese consumers, and selling real estate, on WeChat differs from traditional platforms because you should not initially start with the investment.


A lot of Chinese consumers will want to invest because of education or because of lifestyle. While these are important factors in other markets obviously, Chinese consumers may not start by looking at the house.


When posting on WeChat it may be good to start with posting about the local area or maybe posting about education. Schools are a great way to attract Chinese consumers as education in China can often be incredibly difficult to get into.


how to sell real estate using wechat

5. Focus on quality, not quantity-


There is a tendency with social media posts to want to over post and keep pushing content because the more you post the more exposure right?


Selling real estate in China can be a difficult task, especially when you are not familiarly with the market. WeChat is a very different platform, as we have already seen, but it is filled with content and different companies.


We all know that there is a lot of stuff on the internet that isn’t totally relevant or helpful. When it comes to big investments such as real estate, WeChat posts need to be detailed and focused.


WeChat has hundreds of users and hundreds of new contacts are made every day. According to China Internet Watch, the average WeChat user has around 194 contacts, thus you are going to have to compete with a lot of different content.


How to sell real estate using wechat


Your posts should be informative and well written. A great way to engage with consumers is through an interactive H5 campaign. Many large companies use H5 in order to engage directly consumers, as well as to create a buzz around their new products.


While it may not seem like real estate and interactive games and platforms may go together, they can be a great way of communicating with a different audience, as well as creating a different and unique platform.


What Does This Mean For You-


If you are a real estate company looking to move into China, then WeChat should certainly be on your radar. It is completely essential for a targeted and effective digital marketing campaign.


WeChat can be a great source of potential customers but it can also be a hindrance if you don’t know how to use it properly.


When you decide to move into selling real estate to Chinese consumers you should really do as much research as possible but also understand that it will take time.


why using wechat is the best way to sell real estate


Who Are We-


It can be very difficult to move into a new market, which is often why some people hire a Chinese digital marketing agency. Here at Dragon Social, we pride ourselves on understanding markets.


Dragon Social is a team of marketing specialists who understand how hard it can be to move into China. We know that you have existing projects to work on and that it can be difficult to navigate a new market.


If you want to sell properties to Chinese investors, you can check out our real estate marketing service or contact us now!





Imogen Ursell
Imogen Ursell

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