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Biostime is a famous manufacturer of nutrition products such as probiotics for children and milk powder for babies. It also operates an e-commerce business platform for maternal and baby products. Despite the steady growth of Biostime, it wanted to further drive sales of its probiotics products and build top-of-mind awareness among mothers.





  • Raise awareness for Biostime products among Chinese mothers
  • Drive sales of Biostime’s Probiotics for Children




As Biostime aspired to build top-of-mind awareness among Chinese mothers, we created several discussions regarding Biostime’s products to increase their presence. We worked with some of the top social media platforms in China to create buzz for Biostime’s Probiotics for Children.


We created discussions on another platform, Xiaohongshu (小红书), by providing content with products comparisons and analysis of the product’s effectiveness. Hence, more reliable and impactful information was distributed to potential buyers. By relating Biostime’s products with the recent hot topics such as popular reality shows “Supermum”, we are able to arouse interest from the readers and drive engagement with the brand.


Examples of content on Xiaohongshu



We also focus on generating word-of-mouth marketing by working with KOLs on Weibo. Finally we created a number of press releases to build up the company’s search engine presence and establish positive association with the brand name.  With the effects of the press release and Weibo KOL promotion, we were able to drastically increase awareness of the brand.


In order to drive sales, we placed links in nearly all of the content we created to Biostime’s store on Kaola.com to promote We also launched several promotional campaigns in our content such as lucky draws and sales to help encourage Chinese mothers to try out Biostime’s products at least on a trial basis.


Channels used


Xiaohongshu: Xiaohongshu is a popular social media and e-commerce platform among young ladies in China. Lots of Chinese citizens love to share their products reviews and lifestyle stories through this platform. Given the nature of the platform it is also a large gathering place for young mothers.


Baby-related websites (Yao-lan.com, Baby611.com, Youbaobao, etc.): Targeted promotion on baby-related websites allowed us to specifically target mothers in the campaign and drive them to Biostime’s social media profiles/ecommerce channels.




Weibo: Weibo played an integral role in building mass awareness for the brand. KOLs on Weibo help spread the message and build word-of-mouth regarding Biostime’s products. Potential buyers were also able to win trials of the product through commenting and engaging with KOLs on the platform.




For Xiaohongshu,



On other platforms,






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December 21, 2018


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