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Huaren House is a Chinese-American online property investment portal for Chinese. It covers the most up-to-date information on the U.S real estate market and hosts listings for properties in the USA. It specialises in matching Chinese investors with American real estate agents.


While growing steadily, Huaren House has aspirations to become the go-to-platform for Chinese investors in the U.S property market.





  • Raise awareness for the Huaren House brand among Chinese property investors
  • Generate leads for properties listed on the platform





The Huaren House team had already established a WeChat account for distributing content, sharing listings and communicating with potential buyers. We took over this portion of their marketing efforts to improve their reach and grow their presence on WeChat.


Through management of the channel we were able to significantly increase their follower base and the average reads per article. We also optimized the formatting of the content to increase the click-through rate to the company’s website/mini-site where users could look at individual listings in greater detail.


To generate leads & increase traffic to the Huaren House website, we collaborated with property investment KOLs on Zhihu to ensure that we reached the right audience. Through this campaign we worked with a total of 11 KOLs working to promote the company. We kicked off the KOL campaign by having 3 KOLs write incredibly detailed articles about different aspects of the US property market and pointing to the experts at Huaren House for users who were looking for additional information. We then chose another 8 KOLs to share the articles written by the previous KOLs to their audiences.



Channels Used


WeChat: WeChat was an important tool for Huaren House. Chinese property investors have become accustomed to being able to speak directly to real estate agents directly through WeChat, making it an essential part of business for real estate companies serving Chinese investors.


It also serves as an important place to distribute content in order to build trust and awareness of the brand in China. With our expertise in Chinese content creation we were able to significantly increase their organic reach and click through to the company’s website/mini-site.


Zhihu: We chose Zhihu as our main platform for building awareness and driving traffic to the company’s website. We worked with KOLs heavily involved in the property sector with a large base of engaged followers to increase the chances of the content going viral. The content we created was informative and stressed the opportunities available in the US property market for Chinese property investors.


Through the links in the articles we saw a massive increase in web traffic and the Huaren House reported a notable increase in leads for months following the end of the campaign.












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December 17, 2018


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