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Zhihu Marketing with Kingdee

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Zhihu Marketing with Kingdee



As a market leader in China software industry, Kingdee wanted to further increase its online exposure. Kingdee competes with some of China’s largest companies in several areas where service & products don’t have a huge amount of differentiation. Kingdee realized that this made marketing a crucial part of its growth strategy. Kingdee’s plan was to establish thought leadership by posting content dealing with cutting edge technology issues and problems that businesses are facing today.






  • Establish Kingdee as a thought leader in the areas of cloud computing, big data, & analytics
  • Build awareness for Kingdee’s products among relevant business executives





For this campaign we created what we call a “KOL chain.” We had 3 KOLs prominent in topics related to business software and software development write individual articles in 3 different topics. We then connected with another 10 KOLs to share the content to their audience.


The articles quickly went viral given this set-up allowing the discussions to dominate the rankings of the topics selected for nearly a week, as ongoing comments and discussion kept the articles afloat.


Channels Used


ZhihuUpon hearing Kingdee’s request, our first thought was to launch a campaign on Zhihu. Given the level of technology professionals active on the platform as well as its favorable demographics, we knew that Zhihu was the right choice. Not only would the platform allow us to reach the users Kingdee wanted to engage most, but it would also improve their search engine rankings on Baidu.




The answers on Zhihu ranked:



Additional Benefits:










December 17, 2018


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