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Snowhow is a well-known company among European skiers selling ski equipment, ski lessons, and alpine tour packages. Snowhow had set its sights on the Chinese market, recognizing that the Chinese winter sports market was relatively underdeveloped and presented a significant opportunity for the brand.


This led to the launch of Snowhow China, the Chinese subsidiary of Snowhow. It’s ultimate goal was to develop the winter sports market in China so that it could sell its products and tours to the Chinese market.





  • Become an industry leading provider of winter sports products and services in China
  • Develop a strong social media presence to educate and inform Chinese consumers about winter sports.
  • Encourage engagement with the brand through contests and giveaways to obtain valuable customer feedback data.
  • Connect with Chinese tour operators & other service providers to form partnerships.





Snowhow had big ambitions for the Chinese market, so we first started with developing their social media presence. We created a content strategy designed to provide useful content to social media users interested in winter sports. We chose to work with WeChat and Weibo, as since this was a relatively underdeveloped market, we believed that this would be the best place to gather feedback and begin building the company’s social media presence.


The content for the pages focused primarily on tips & tricks for skiers/winter sports lovers, winter sports product review/comparisons, and destination oriented content to showcase Snowhow’s tour packages.


Snowhow put a strong focus on receiving customer feedback. With the company’s approval we ran several giveaway campaigns designed to encourage engagement and feedback in order to provide actionable data for the company. This helped them to determine customer preferences and redesign their e-commerce offerings on their website.  Each giveaway campaign attracted over 10,000 participants resulting in significant growth for their social media accounts’ fanbases.





Channels Used


WeChat: We identified WeChat as an important channel for Snowhow as it needed a way to communicate directly with its customers. As a B2C company this was an essential platform for the growth of their business in China. We focused on providing educational and useful content for the Snowhow China WeChat Official account to encourage users to keep up with the company’s events and progress in shaping the Chinese winter sports market.


We ran consistent campaigns with partner brands and winter sports related influencers to grow the page into what it is today, a powerful tool for distributing content and communicating with Snowhow’s customers directly.


WeiboAs a B2C brand Weibo is an important part of every company’s marketing strategy in China. Weibo users expect to see visually appealing content, making it a perfect place to post pictures of the picturesque locations SnowHow China operates in. This visually appealing content is incredibly effective for building brand awareness .


By providing constant updates on a daily basis we were able to significantly grow their following organically. Snowhow China’s Weibo account is now an effective tool for the company to make announcements, run campaigns, and engage with users.





December 20, 2018


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