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The Kurz Group

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The Kurz Group




The Kurz Group started in Germany and provides a range of finishing solutions. They are most well known for their hot stamping foils which can be found on on packaging, greeting cards, electronic and home appliances. The Kurz Group offers an effective and attractive brand marking that can be product protection.



The Kurz Group recognized that manufacturers in China were beginning to adopt Western packaging and quality control standards and wanted to advertise their services in China. The Kurz Group wanted to educate business executives and product managers about the benefits and applications of their products throughout the entire supply chain.






  • Educate businesses in relevant industries about the benefits, features, and applications of The Kurz Group’s technology.
  • Build brand awareness and foster trust in The Kurz Group brand among relevant industry leaders.
  • Encourage engagement with the brand through contests and giveaways at industry trade shows & conferences.






The Kurz Group had no presence in the China market, so they had to build their brand from scratch. The company knew that there was demand for a solution similar to the technology that they provided. With Chinese companies beginning to create more sophisticated products with higher price tags The Kurz Group recognized that there would be a need for higher quality packaging with more elegant designs.



Given the highly specific nature of The Kurz Group’s business and the specific niche they focused on we recognized that building exposure in the mass market wouldn’t deliver a good ROI. This immediately disqualified many Chinese social media platforms like Weibo.



The only social media platform that made sense to use in this case was WeChat. Through WeChat we built an educational content hub describing the features, benefits, and use-cases for their technology. We also established their presence on relevant industry directories to ensure that they were visible to the right people.



Examples of Content



The content for the pages focused primarily on showcases of brands utilizing the Deep dives into the advantages of The Kurz Group’s technologies, showcases of brands using the technology, and industry specific guidelines related to the packaging industry.





All of this provided users visiting The Kurz Group’s WeChat account with the knowledge necessary to fully understand the benefits of the technology and how it could benefit their business.



Campaign Examples



The Kurz Group often attended events, conferences, and trade shows in China. They consistently found that these events delivered strong returns for them in terms of business development and sales. They wanted event attendees to further interact with their brand to improve the results from these events even further. To encourage engagement we created games hosted on The Kurz Group’s Wechat account where users could win real prizes.





To play the game users were required to follow the Kurz Group’s WeChat Official account significantly increasing their following and increasing engagement rates on their account thereafter. This helped them to acquire relevant followers who could share their articles and spread their content even further.   One giveaway campaign attracted over 5,000 participants resulting in significant growth for their WeChat’s account fanbase.



Channels Used:






We identified WeChat as the most important channel for The Kurz Group as it needed a way to communicate directly with its customers, provide educational resources, and essentially serve as a website for the company as they lacked a dedicated Chinese site.  We focused on providing educational and useful content for The Kurz Group WeChat Official account to encourage users to keep up with the company’s event attendance, new products, and use cases.



We ran consistent campaigns with to coincide with events to grow their Official Account into an educational resource for potential customers establishing The Kurz Group as a trusted authority in the industry.







April 12, 2019


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