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Dragon Social is a Chinese Social Media Marketing agency in China, offering Weibo and WeChat marketing services. With a diverse international team, we help global businesses expand to China.
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Fast-growing Chinese Healthcare Market

Chinese healthcare market will rise to US $70 billion by 2020 (Forbes)

Rising disposable incomes and living standards due to robust economic growth

Chinese becomes more health-conscious due to worsening air quality conditions and local food scandal

The one-child policy has led to an Aging Population and shifting demographics. This has created a strong demand for the healthcare market in China

Due to the shift in demographics and policies, research also showed that Chinese consumers are the most health-conscious of any consumer in the world.

Start working on Health and Wellness Marketing in China and selling health products to China today!

How to Sell Health Products to China?

3 of the Most Effective Healthy Food Marketing Strategies in China

Wechat shop: wehcat store
WeChat Shop

WeChat shops are quickly gaining popularity in China, and providing a convenient platform for users to purchase your health product can greatly increase your sales. While larger brands should also consider using other e-commerce platforms as well, there’s no better way for small to medium businesses to get started selling health products into China than with a WeChat store!

China health market KOL
KOL Promotion

KOLs can help build a sense of trust around your product. When it comes to healthy food trust is incredibly important. Having a KOL on your side can convince users regarding the benefits of your product and encourage trial purchases. This can work just like a testimonial and provides social proof for consumers regarding your brand.

China outbound tourism marketing qr code
QR Codes

Placing customized QR codes on your website, e-commerce platform, and marketing materials provides your customers with further opportunities to engage and learn about your company.  Educating your customers about the benefits of your health product is crucial, so giving them additional opportunities to learn more can be extremely beneficial.

Looking for Health and Wellness Marketing in China?

With rich experience marketing health products, we help brands sell health products to the Chinese.

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