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Dragon Social is a Chinese Social Media Marketing agency in China, offering Weibo and WeChat marketing services. With a diverse international team, we help global businesses expand to China.
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Marketing in China

Our Packages

We offer the most effective marketing solutions for international companies looking to reach out to the China Market. Choose the package that best fits your company’s marketing needs.

    • ­ WeChat Marketing
      • Account set-up
      • Creative Chinese copywriting
      • Weekly posting
      • Follower engagement
      • Influencer marketing advice
      • Responsive customer support
      • Monthly report

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    • ­ All-in-one Marketing
      • WeChat & Weibo account set-up
      • Holistic content strategy
      • Active content posting
      • Follower engagement
      • Influencer marketing advice
      • Responsive customer support
      • Monthly report

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    • ­ Weibo Marketing
      • Account set-up
      • Creative Chinese Copywriting
      • Daily posting
      • Follower engagement
      • Influencer marketing advice
      • Responsive customer support
      • Monthly report

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Additional services to empower your Chinese digital marketing strategy.

Website Localization

Make you website more accessible to Chinese customers!

We provide cost-effective solutions for hosting your website in China

WeChat store Dragon Social
WeChat Stores

Take advantage of One of the Fastest Growing E-Commerce Platforms!

Boost your sales and get more Chinese customers!

WeChat HTML5 Mini Sites
HTML5 ”Mini Sites”

Create interactive and impressive marketing campaigns!

Drive engagement and dazzle your users with interactive features!

China KOL marketing Dragon Social
KOL Promotion

Leverage the power of Chinese influencers to boost sales and build your brand!

We'll help you to find the right KOL for your budget and your industry!

Get started with Chinese digital marketing and attract more Chinese customers today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to answer any of your questions about our services and the social media marketing process in China.

What does your agency do?

We offer monthly subscription services for Social Media Marketing in China. We focus on the two hottest platforms in China, Wechat and Weibo. Our diverse team of professionals from China, Hong Kong, and the Western World will help to choose the best digital strategies for your brand.

How can I pay?

You can upgrade or cancel anytime you like. The contract will automatically be updated at the start of the following month.

How long does it take to start the campaign after I pay?

Once we have collected all the necessary information for registration we can have your accounts up and running in about 3 weeks. During this registration period, our team will begin creating customized content for your company to ensure your company’s social media marketing campaign starts off strongly.

How will you know what to post for my company account?

After placing your order, our team will contact your shortly after to discuss and set up an appointment with you to discuss your needs and goals. Meanwhile, our market specialists will conduct research on your industry, target audience, and other key factors. Dragon Social believes that a complete understanding of our clients’ needs is key to conducting an effective social media marketing strategy.

Can I upgrade or cancel the package?

You can upgrade or cancel at anytime you like. The package will automatically be updated starting from the next month. However, if you feel you aren’t receiving the service your looking for send us a message and we can tailor the service per your suggestions to better meet your needs!

Can you place links in your content?

Yes! We’ll place links in all of our content to encourage users to travel to your company website. This will increase traffic and present new opportunities for conversion.

What should I do if I have specific promotion or product ideas?

Just give us a call or throw us an email to share your ideas with us. We’re more than happy to handle your requests! We’ll try our best to implement your suggestions and make sure people in China receive your message!

What will be the process after I pay?
After we receive a subscription to our service, we’ll have a meeting to discuss your company, your objectives, and your expectations. First we’ll assign your company to a dedicated account manager. We’ll then start the process of official account creation (which takes about 2 weeks). As soon as your pages get approved we’ll start posting articles, written in Mandarin Chinese, that will appeal to your target audience. We’ll design each article with your target audience in mind and use compelling visuals to improve the quality of the content. Our posts will be done regularly each week. After which we’ll provide you with a monthly report including your follower growth and demographic information about your followers.
Can we customise the package?

Yes, you can. Just send us an email and we’ll discuss further.

How can I make sure the project complies with Chinese law?

Chinese law is very complicated and may vary from city to city. It is important to work with agencies that stay on top of the constantly changing laws and regulations to ensure compliance.


Dragon Social has a team of experts who are familiar with the laws and regulations in China. Assuring your project works well under the law is one of our main priorities at Dragon Social.

How can I monitor the results?

Monthly reports are included in all packages.

How much content will you create for us?

Please check our packages here.

Which platform is better? WeChat or Weibo?

Wechat and Weibo each have their own advantages for marketing in China. Weibo allows you to post content that is viewable for both followers and non-followers, allowing companies who have not entered the China market to promote awareness and educate consumers about their products. WeChat on the other hand, is more effective for marketing to consumers who are already familiar with your product/business. WeChat requires that users follow your account to see your content, but followers are way more likely to read your content on WeChat than on Weibo as each post also sends followers a push-notification on mobile. These platforms work well together, as Weibo promotes awareness, encouraging users to go one step further and follow your WeChat account for maximum engagement.

Wait...I still have questions!

No worries! Send us an email or open a chat (right bottom of the page). We’ll be more than happy to answer all your queries.