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Dragon Social is a Chinese Social Media Marketing agency in China, offering Weibo and WeChat marketing services. With a diverse international team, we help global businesses expand to China.

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Enabling Cross-Border E-commerce in China

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Rapid Growth of Cross-Border E-commerce in China

China's cross-border consumers to account for over 50% of total digital consumers by 2020

China’s online retailing market will more than double by 2020, going from 750 billion USD to 1.7 Trillion USD (Goldman Sachs)

There is no sales tax collected in cross-border e-commerce in China

The customs duty tax on items in some categories has been cut by more than half for items purchased from websites outside of China

There are great opportunities for foreign businesses to sell products to Chinese customers via the WeChat store. Capture the growing E-commerce market in China and grow your sales!

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How to Begin With Cross-Border E-commerce in China?

3 of the Most Effective E-Commerce Marketing Strategies in China

Wechat shop: wehcat store

WeChat Store

Chinese use their phones to make purchases 50 times more than American consumers. This can be seen in the growing popularity of WeChat stores. The percent of WeChat users that have made purchases from WeChat stores has more than doubled from 15% in 2015 to 31% in 2016.

Chinese outbound tourism marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most cost effective and popular marketing channels in China. You can generate noise around your and encourage sharing by producing quality content for users. It gives social media users a peek into what your company offers and a chance to interact with you or your staff as well.

retail kol papijiang

KOL Promotion

KOLs can help build a sense of trust around your product. Having a KOL on your side can convince users regarding the benefits of your product and encourage trial purchases. This can work just like a testimonial and provides social proof for consumers regarding your brand.

WeChat E-Commerce Case Studies

3 Proven Examples of Successful Retail Marketing Strategies

WeChat Store

Category: Food & Beverage (Wine)

Sources say that nearly 70% of wine in China is fake. Chinese consumers are looking for quality foreign goods that they can trust, and are turning to e-commerce to meet theses demands. Fancy Cellar has earned the trust of consumers by educating them on the nuances of wine and spirits. Fancy Cellar operates a successful WeChat shop that provides an easy and reliable platform for consumers to purchase legitimate brand name wines and spirits.

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KOL Marketing

Category: Apparel (Watches)

There is a huge demand for luxury goods in China, if a KOL is wearing your brand’s watch, chances are, a huge portion of their fan base will follow their lead. Bulgari took note of this and hired Kris Wu, a Chinese-born Canadian singer, actor, and model. With Kris’ influence Bulgari was able to build their brand image and significantly increase their sales in China.

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Social Media Marketing

Category: Health & Wellness Product (Baby Formula)

With the combination of the Sanlu milk powder scandal in 2008, and the abolition of China’s one child policy, there’s more babies and even greater demand for reliable baby formula products. By launching an incredible WeChat campaign, Mead Johnson was able to engage with mothers around China and assure them of the safety of their baby formula “Enfagrow.”

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